The low-Pressure Double-Membrane Pump has two diaphragms, the compressed air come to the pump body to drive the pump in the constant action of sucking and releasing, so it can pump the fluid easily by the principle.


AODD pump with wheels, the hose is up to 90m, ideal for the trunk surface painting


Reliable operation preventing the machine from damage due to dry-running or accidental halt; Simple structure and higher durability enable easy maintenance.


Ideal for high volume painting demands such as furniture/retail solutions manufacturing, commercial transport and industrial finishing or where ever a large surface area needs a coating to a high standard quick time.


CH-A31 is designed for handling light to medium viscosity fluid with high flow rates up to 180 liters per minutes.


Agitators provide various solutions for all kinds of mixing jobs, there is always one suitable option for you. The air mixer is good for industrial / factory using, strong power and stable quality, no motor spark, no electrostatic, and could be used water based and also oil-based material.

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