Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Dustless Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Widely used cleaning equipment, water sandblasting efficiency is high, there will be no dead Angle, sandblasting flexible, small power consumption

Portable Abrasive Blasting Machine With Hand Control

Abrasive Blasting Machine, 200 liters


Internal Pipe Blasters are designed to Abrasive Blast Clean the internal surfaces of pipe structures. The cleaning grade is Sa 2.5 to 3.

Double Venturi nozzle, Boron Carbide

Wear-resistant Double Venturi blasting nozzles made of boron carbide

Venturi Nozzle, Boron Carbide

Blast Nozzles CLASSIC B4C Venturi Type, Boron Carbide

Bending nozzle, Boron Carbide, angle 45°

Bending Nozzles, Boron Carbide, used in corners, behind flanges or inside pipes.

Blast Nozzles CLASSIC B4C Stick-up Type, Boron Carbide

Blast Nozzles Stick-up Type, Boron Carbide

Blast Hose Quick Couplings, Nylon

For abrasive blasting hoses, material: NYLON

Blasting Nozzle Holders, Nylon

For abrasive blasting hoses with. Equipped with a rubber washer and screws.

Blast Hose Quick Couplings, Malleable Iron

Malleable iron hose couplings, zinc plated, yellow passivated

Abrasive Blasting Helmet

The double faceshield design helps protect the face and eyes from airborne particles.

Breathing Air Filter

Designed to be used for supplying clean air to the blasting hood.

Heavy Duty Sandblasting Gloves

Heavy Duty Sandblasting Gloves.

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