Drill type screw pump 1300W | Max. grain size up to 1.5 mm | Air Compressor With Air Tank

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1.Plugging engineering applications

Water leakage of expansion joint, subway, tunnels, mine plugging, leak-proof projects, dams & other floodwater leakage plugging projects.

2. Structure reinforcement projection applications crack

Reinforcement, bridge reinforcement, floor reinforcement.

3. Coating project materials

Js waterproof material, cement-based capillary crystalline waterproof(CCCW) coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, waterproof agent, indoor and outdoor spraying, cement mortar, dry mortar, putty powder, emulsion paint, stone paint.

Ceiling, wall, artwork, rockwork, sculptures and so on.


Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 4300W, (total)

Electric Drill: 1300W

Air compressor: 1500W*2

Speed: 50-600RPM/min

Max. Grain Size: 1.5mm

Max. Pressure: 20bar

Horizontal Delivery Distance: 10m

Vertical Delivery Height: 10m

Max. Flow Rate: 10L/min

Hopper Volume: 25L


1 x high-pressure hose

1 x spray gun(long)

1 x grouting gun(short)

1 x hand tool kit

1 x Leakage protection


3 x nozzles

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