Drill type screw pump 850W | Max. grain size up to 1.0 mm | Air Compressor With Air Tank

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SP730 Easy-To-Handle Wall Putty Spray Painting Machine


Plaster Sprayer/Water-proofing Coating Sprayer is a multi-purpose sprayer with a drill type screw pump for spraying various plaster/mortar/water-proofing Coating, etc. with max. grain size up to 1.0mm, stable performance at affordable price.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor spraying, dry powder mortar spraying, putty powder spraying, waterproofing material and waterproofing surface spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, coating/painting spraying, gardening, relief effect coating, art and craft spraying, emulsion paint, stone-like paint, manmade rock, carving and sculpture spraying, damping material spraying and other projects.


Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 2350W(total)

Electric Drill: 850W

Air compressor: 1500W

Max. Grain Size: 1.0mm

Max. Pressure: 20bar

Horizontal Delivery Distance: 10m

Vertical Delivery Height: 5m

Max. Flow Rate: 10L/min

Hopper Volume: 25L


1 x high pressure hose

1 x spray gun(long)

1 x grouting gun(short)

1 x hand tool kit

1 x Leakage protection socket

3 x nozzles



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