continuously and full automatically mix and pump all ready-mixed dry mortars suitable for machine use and on gypsum, lime and cement base with water into ready-to-use mortars.

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SP650 Putty Plaster Spraying Machine


  • Screw Pump high-pressure mortar spraying machine, with advanced technology, simple operation, and maintenance, it can be operated skillfully without special training.
  • Basically, no ash falls, water, and material, the cost can be reduced by more than 20%
  • Co-mortar operations, such as cement mortar, but also for paint, lacquer, relief effect coatings, waterproofing materials, refractory materials, such as spraying operations, is used for housing protection, paint, paste on the bottom of suitable models
  • Project quality assurance; a multi-purpose machine that can spray mortar, fire protection materials, refractory materials.
  • Simple operation; speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity. And it carries with an air compressor.


outdoor texture, indoor texture, high viscosity anti-corrosive coating: putty powder, paint, latex paint, lacquer, cement mortar, dry mortar, thermal insulation, waterproofing materials, fireproof materials, insulation materials, sound-absorbing materials, and other water-soluble material.


Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 4500W(total)

Motor: 3000W

Air compressor: 1500W

Max. Grain Size: 2mm

Max. Pressure: 30bar

Horizontal Delivery Distance: 15m

Vertical Delivery Height: 10m

Max. Flow Rate: 15L/min

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