Only 7kg Portable, easy to carry & maintain, maximum output pressure up to 70MPa.

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SLP910 PU Resin Grouting Pump


  • SLP910 electric high-pressure grouting injection pump is coordinated with foreign machinery industrial manufacturer and is designed sophisticatedly. Considering that it is easy to carry and its lightweight, it is created with wear resistance materials and solid and durable performance, which can also exclude small injection pump’s characters of lightweight but high failure rate, difficult maintenance, and more minor defects.
  • High-pressure grouting pump is the use of mechanical high pressure, to inject chemical grouting materials to concrete cracks when the slurry quick disperses, emulsify, inflate, consolidate, the elastomer will fill all concrete cracks, which will be completely blocked outside the concrete structure, in order to achieve the purpose of the leakage of water stop.
  • High-pressure grouting pump must be used together with water sealing injection needle and injection grouting foaming agent.


  • Portable: the body only 7kg, of small size, lightweight and is easy to carry, and operate
  • High efficiency: in a few seconds to reach 0 ~ 15000psi work pressure, advanced technology, labor-saving, time-saving and high efficiency.
  • Environmental protection: good mechanical performance, no noise, no pollution
  • Security: technical, reliable, reasonable structure, use of safety.
  • The pressure continued: Continuous high-pressure can effectively make PU slurry waterproof agent within the structure of cracks above 0.01mm, micro-suture, micropore, capillary fill plug.
  • Structural nondestructive: directly install the crack near the mouth of the grouting machine, not tick slot and buried pipe, no damage to the structure.
  • With water plug: directly inject the grouting material with water for a variety of gap leakage, wave leakage, underground water gushing. 8
  • Supporting the use of a wide range of materials: polyurethane, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, such as the annual non-serous granular materials can be used.
  • Durable: the maximum pressure of 50MPa when the body parts are not deformed. Maintenance simple and easy maintenance, strong and durable, easy to clean.


Single-Line Injection Pump
Motor: 910W
Pressure: 0-8000PSI
Voltage/Frequency: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight(1 pc): 7kg
Packing: 3pcs/ctn
24/27kg, 48*45*41cm



Double Line is Optional

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