Internal Pipe Blasters are designed to Abrasive Blast Clean the internal surfaces of pipe structures. The cleaning grade is Sa 2.5 to 3.

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PB-Series Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment


Heavy Duty Spray Coaters are designed to apply internal coatings and linings to the pipe. These tools have a pneumatic driven spray head that will spray most all coatings from the thinnest to the most vicious. The coating to be applied is fed to the spray head through a fluid manifold for maximum material disbursement. All tools include pipe centering carriages. These tools will spray the internal diameter of the pipe from 3” to 36”. We also do other special applications.


PB-Series is designed to spray a various array of coatings on the interior of the pipe.

The paint pump requires a total of 150 CFM @ 100 psi of clean dry air to operate efficiently. A pressure tank may be used in place of the Bulldog pump if the paint viscosity is less than 20 seconds through a Zahn II cup.

The paint pump forces the coating through the spray gun and paint hose to the spinning head. The paint is slung by the centrifugal force produced by the spinning head in a 360-degree pattern. The volume of paint directed to the spray head can be adjusted by the pressure on the paint pump or by the pre-orifice used in
the backpressure orifice assembly. The wet film thickness of the paint is controlled by the speed is moved through the pipe.


Before spraying, flush the pump fluid section with a solvent that is compatible with the paint to be sprayed.

After spraying, the pump fluid section must be flushed with compatible solvent and stored with a lubricant oil to preserve the pump packings. Do not store the pump dry.

The air motor should be connected to an air source and run with lubricating oil prior to and after use. Wet, dirty air will cause excessive wear and shorten the life of the air motor.

Spraying steps to follow:

– Determine the area of the I.D. of the pipe to be coated in square feet. Ask your paint supplier the coverage of the paint in mils per square foot. Using these numbers will yield the amount of paint required to coat the surface. Very little paint will be lost to overspray. Figure 95% paint to metal efficiency.
– The machine may be pulled through the pipe at the rate of one foot per second. Divide the amount of paint required to coat the pipe be the length of the pipe. This will yield the flow rate of paint required at the machine to paint the pipe moving the machine at one foot per second.
– Install the pre-orifice in the backpressure orifice assembly


This is a sample guide, some paints may require a different orifice combination.
– Connect the fluid hose from the pump surge chamber to the spray gun and from the backpressure tip assembly to the machine manifold. Make sure the connections are tight.
– Connect the air hose from the air source to the paint pump and the machine. The paint pump should have a minimum ¾” airline and the machine should have a minimum 3/8” airline.
– Adjust the carriage on the machine to fit the pipe to be sprayed. Be sure the carriage will pass loosely and freely through the entire section of the pipe.
– Insert the SpinCoater through the pipe until the head protrudes out the other end.
– Remove the spray head of the machine.
– Use the spray gun to open and close the flow of paint
– Open the airline to the paint pump. Increase the air pressure on the pump until the coating comes out of the manifold on the front of the machine. Adjust the flow rate to the calculated flow rate. (Use a stopwatch and a container of known volume)
– Reattached the spray head to the machine
– Open the airline to the air motor on the machine. Set the regulator to 60 psig. Paint atomization is controlled by the speed of the spray head. To increase atomization, increase the regulator pressure and /or thin the paint. To decrease atomization, decrease the regulator pressure.
Always start the spray head spinning before allowing the paint to flow to the spray head.

– Pull the trigger on the spray gun to allow paint flow.
– Pull the SpinCoater through the pipe at one foot per second.
– Release the spray gun trigger as the SpinCoater exits the pipe.
– Turn off the air supply to the air motor on the machine.
After the coating operation is completed, flush the pump with a compatible solvent, lubricate the air
the motor on the machine and store it in clean condition.

Ideal for 17-50mm (0.66″-2″) I.D. pipe
Ideal for 30-70mm (1.18″-2.75″) I.D. pipe
Ideal for 30-100mm (1.18″-4″) I.D. pipe
Ideal for 36-100mm (1.41″-4″) I.D. pipe
Ideal for 50-150mm (2″-6″) I.D. pipe
Ideal for 50-300mm (2″-12″) I.D. pipe

Ideal for 60-250mm (2.4″-10″) I.D. pipe
Ideal for 250-450mm (10″-18″) I.D. pipe

Ideal for 300-900mm (12″-36″) I.D. pipe


These Coating Tools are generally fed paint by a pressure paint tank or an airless spray pump. Consult us for the appropriate delivery system for your specific coating to assure an even and consistent dry film thickness throughout the pipe. All Internal Coating Tools are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.


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