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DLP3000 Double Component Injection Grouting Pump


DLP3000 automatic injector is a Double type high-pressure injector designed to apply urethane resin and epoxy injection material to the crack part. As this electronic injector is easy to handle, easy to change consumables, and compact, while providing high discharging pressure, it is widely used in concrete repairing and reinforcing works.


  • Injection of polyurethane foaming water stop-up into cracks or leaking areas.
  • Injection of epoxy resin into cracks or metal sheet reinforced area.
  • Filling of epoxy resin inside the re-injector cylinder.
  • Injection of epoxy resin into separated plastering area.
  • Injection into a large area with one nozzle.
  • Injection pressure or speed can be controlled.
  • Injection into a very small separation area, have not adhered to main material or area where peeling is about to occur.


Double-Line Injection Pump

Motor: 3000W

Voltage/Frequency:220V, 50Hz

Pressure: 0-10000PSI

Maxlum Pressure: 600kgf/ c㎡

Recomended pressure: 300kgf/ c㎡

Max.Flow: 1000g/min subject to the material

Net Weight(1 pc): 17kg

Packing: 1pc/ctn

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