Portable Abrasive Blasting Machine With Remote Control

Remote Control, 300L tank

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Sandblasting machine widely used in ships, Bridges, mining, machinery, oil pipelines, machine tools, railway, metallurgy, boiler, machinery manufacturing, port construction, water conservancy projects such as surface derusting, smooth surface.It is the most widely used product of abrasive jet, and the sandblasting machine is generally divided into two categories: dry sandblasting machine and liquid sandblasting machine.

Sandblast material:

heel-sand huang-san-steel shot steel shot steel grit jade diamond jade

Working principle:

The inhaled sandblasting machine is powered by compressed air through the high-speed movement of the air in the gun in the formation of the negative pressure, the abrasive inhalation spray gun and nozzle tube lose sand injection, injection to the processed surface, achieve the desired purpose. In the suction type dry mini sandblasting cabinet, compressed air is both the feed power and the acceleration of jet flow.


1. Easy operate
2. High efficient
3. High precision Sandblasting
4. Can remove the complicated flying side
5. Do not damage the surface
6. Less land occupied

Exploded view



Order CodeSpecification
Volume (L)Diameter(mm)Height(mm)Weight(kg)Nozzle SizeHoseClean Rate(㎡/h)Remark
CHSE-600A300L600136017510mm32mm ID
CHSE-800A600L800146024510mm32mm ID
CHSE-900A800L900175062012mm*232mm ID
CHSE-1000A1000L1000175074312mm*232mm ID

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