Similar to PS3.39, 5.0LPM

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CH339 Professional Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

Heavier coatings call for more power and performance. Time to invest in the CH339, designed for extended, heavy-duty performance on larger residential and commercial projects. This is the sprayer contractors turn to when the time comes to larger projects.


  • Reliable electronic Pressure Control delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation at all spraying pressures.
  • Chrome coated trolly cart with big wheels for easy moving and transportation.
  • Strong power PM DC motor with plastic cover enclosed design protects motor components from dirt, dust, and overspray to extend motor life; Reliable performance motor has better output and longer lifetime than any others in China.
  • Stainless steel fluid section is durable, lightweight and rustproof; could be used for both water-based and also oil-based paint.
  • Low speed and less worn, European material made the v-packing set. we can ensure the longest lifetime for our piston rod & v-packing.

HD Pump is the model CH339.


Voltage: 220-240 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz
Motor output power: 2800W
Pressure control: Electronical + digital
Max. flow rate: 4.0 L/min(CH335) 5.0L/min(CH339)
Max. tip size (1 gun): 0.035″(CH335) 0.039″(CH339)
Max. tip size (2 guns): 0.021″
Max. spraying pressure : 120bar/1740psi (0.031″)



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