PFM-2E Electric PU Spray Foaming Machine

PFM-2E No Feeding Pumps small PU foam Spraying Machine

1、Power: Electricity

2、Color: Customized

3、Gun Type: Spray/Injecting

4、Whole Power: 4000W

5、Output: 6-8kg/min


Technical Data:

The ratio of raw material : 1:1(Fixed)

The viscosity range of raw material: 200-1000CPS (Under the operating temperature)

Max fluid temperature: 88°C (190°F)

Max Output: 6-8kg/min (22 lb/min)

Heater power: 4500W each one

Heating hose power: 1000W/15m

Voltage: 230V 1-ph/400V 3-ph

Heating hose length: 32.8 feet (10m)

Gross weight: 70KG

Packing Volume: 800mm*700mm*1150mm

Clean mode: Self-clean by air

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