About Us

Providing Flexible Painting Solutions.

Corporate Mission

Charhs represents the best value for money in the world for spray painting equipment. We are committed to providing the maximum benefit for our customers, employees and surrounding communities.

Corporate Profile

Charhs is a company specialized in design, production, and trading of machines and spray painting equipment. We provide a fully comprehensive range of products covering various areas of fluid handling applications, including Spray Finishing, Protective Coating, Fluid-Agitating, Dry Sanding & Dust-Free Sanding, Joint Fill & Industrial Injection Applications, and power application equipment for the contractor industry.

Our Value

As a company and as individuals, we value integrity and accountability. We pride ourselves on our creativity, flexibility, and speed in solving problems. Customers’ inquiries are fast-tracked to our consultants, who will handle each individual case with care, honesty, respect, intelligence, and professionalism. We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our customers’ and partners’ goals. We deeply appreciate feedbacks and constructive inputs and have a passion for continual self-improvement and mutual excellence.

Charhs Inc.